Amazon Seller account suspension - A complete guide

Amazon Seller Account Suspension – A Complete Guide

After the pandemic, e-Commerce businesses got an extreme boost. Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce platform hubs in the world. Annually amazon draws not only sales growth but seller growth as well. According to Google, Amazon contains more than 9.8 million sellers worldwide. Amazon statistics show that in 2021 about 2,975 sellers joined Amazon to sell their products online.

Considering the above potential, Amazon is the single largest platform in the world that allows people to earn via eCommerce.

Amazon Account Suspension

Suppose, for instance, you have 2000$ worth of products in the FBA warehouse & unfortunately, your account got a suspension notice (The point where you’re unable to access your inventory and fail to sell your products). You are in awe that Amazon suspended my account.

It happens due to the violation of amazon selling rules. Sometimes sellers do know the exact reason for suspension, but sometimes they are in a jaw-dropping situation.

This suspension can potentially sabotage and damage the whole online business. To get your account reinstated as soon as possible, sellers need to study the reasons for account suspension.

Reasons For Account Suspension

Amazon Seller receives an email on account suspension. It is the time when sellers are unable to get sales. This condition occurs if the suspended seller violates or does not meet the seller’s performance standards. At account suspension, Amazon assesses all the seller transactions. 

This suspension may occur due to selling inhibited products. When the seller receives a suspension email, violation reasons are stated along with ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). 

Now the point comes where proper consultancy helps sellers get out of this suspension as soon as possible and restart their account sales.

Negative Feedback Removal

On Amazon, around 2 million sellers cover half of the worldwide e-commerce. Buyers trust Amazon products because of the quality and customer service. Amazon is a customer-oriented platform that highly considers reviews & ratings against any product from buyers.

Only 4 and 5 ratings are considered positive ratings by Amazon. A positive rating increases the chance of buy box winning. While the 3-star rating may not be the winning point for the seller account. The 3-star rating is neutral. Based on this feedback Amazon gives points to listings, which increases the chance of becoming a trusted Amazon seller. Amazon considers 1 and 2-star ratings as negative ratings and,  here the trouble starts.

These negative ratings are based on buyers’ responses. If the buyer doesn’t like the product and gives 1 or 2 stars then there is trouble with 1 or 2 stars. There are some points which a seller loses at each negative feedback, resultantly the chance of winning buy box become lesser.

If the seller account gets stuck in negative reviews, we’re here to provide better Amazon seller performance plans. Amazon appeal services provide comprehensive help according to the exact suspension issue.

ASINs Removal & Suppression

Sometimes due to various reasons, ASINs get removed. ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is a unique number like “BAACD11KN”  given by Amazon to the product. If this number vanishes your product isn’t visible on Amazon. Sometimes these ASINs get removed or suppressed due to different reasons where you need expert support to resolve this problem. 

Where Do You Need Consultancy?

As aforementioned that Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform. Daily, thousands of sellers are joining Amazon. During selling at Amazon, sellers face various issues as mentioned below:

  • Amazon suspended
  • Amazon FBA
  • ASIN removals & Suppression
  • Tax setup
  • Stickered vs. stickerless
  • Negative feedback removal
  • Listing Optimization Error
  • Order Returns
  • Account Health
  • Account Upgrade & Downgrade

Here We Come In, we’re open to those Amazon sellers who have to face this kind of issue. Younglanes Amazon Services work 24/7 to resolve the problems of the seller’s accounts. Let’s dive into some common issues, to find core solutions that we can address.


Indeed the largest e-commerce websites like Amazon & eBay have their selling policies implemented on a ground basis. Amazon suspension consultancy provides services to pull you out of the problems like ASIN suppression and seller account suspension. These problems lead to inactive live listings of your products. One of the biggest reasons is image error. Suppose you live a listing but didn’t attach the images in 24 to 48 hours.

Amazon suppressed those listings. Another scenario is that if sellers put the photos but the main image doesn’t have a white background, the listing can again be suppressed. Similar sorts of issues have to face by the sellers against ASINs removal & suppression. To handle all these issues and more. Younglanes Amazon Services works for e-eCommerce platforms’ consultancy 24/7. Once you get any trouble with your account’s health you can knock at our website to get active support.

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