A Buyer’s Guide To HHC Vape Pen

A Buyer’s Guide To HHC Vape Pen

Cannabis products are selling like hotcakes these days. People are insanely crazy about cannabis products and willing to experiment with different products. There are many new cannabis-making rounds in the market, and one such minor cannabinoid is HHC. It comes in various products, such as HHC Vape Pen, edible, etc. One of the most convenient products, according to users, is HHC Vape pens because of their affordability and availability.

Though there are different products in the cannabis market, it is pivotal to research the product you want before buying it. It can help make a better decision about choosing the most suitable product. In this article, there are certain things that users must consider before buying an HHC Vape pen.

Know About HHC Vape Pen

HHC, also known as hexahydrocannibinol, is one of the several minor cannabinoids and is a hydrogenated form of THC. It is present in small concentrations that make the extraction process ineffective, so a process called hydrogenation takes place to make the extraction easy. This process saturates THC by adding hydrogen atoms to the chemical structure of HHC at high pressure with a catalyst like nickel. This process helps make it stable while not affecting the potency. HHC Vape pen is like any other e-cigarette, with the base ingredient being HHC. The vape pen is a vaporizer that heats HHC to a temperature where its substrates.

HHC vape pens have similar effects as THC. Some of its benefits as shared by the users are-

  • It may have calming properties that help the body relax.
  • It also helps stimulate appetite by binding with the cannabinoid receptors.
  • It may also calm down symptoms of anxiety.
  • It may improve sleep quality.
  • It helps to reduce inflammation and painful sensations.
  • Vaping is less harmful than smoking as it gives them control of dosage to the user. A user can decide the intensity, concentration, dosage, etc., of HHC by using an HHC e-cigarette.

A Guide To HHC Vape Pen

There are a lot of companies selling HHC vape pens. So many products can confuse buyers, especially a beginner. Here are some things that every HHC e-cigarette user should consider before buying it-

1.    The Place Where You Will Be Consuming HHC Vape Pen

The type of vape pen you choose depends on your preference of place. There are different e-cigarettes based on their sizes, setup, portability, etc. The most common e-cigarettes are desktop vape pens and portable vape pens. It is better to start with a portable e-cigarette if you are a beginner.

Desktop vape pens are usually less portable and more expensive. It works better if you want a long-duration vaping experience.

Portable e-cigarettes are best if you want to take an HHC vape pen everywhere you go. They are more affordable and are best for a short duration experience.

  • The Budget You Want To Spend

A new user won’t be willing to spend a lot of money and want to experiment with a new product, so a portable vape is a good option. They cost somewhere around $60.

If you vape regularly and have enough budget to spend, you may invest in a desktop vape pen. However, they sell for around a few hundred dollars, so it’s better to be sure about the product.

You must not go for a cheap quality product and buy it from a reliable manufacturer. Also, you don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts on your first e-cigarette and can buy a good quality product in the middle range.

3.    What Base Ingredients Will You Use?

Some vape pens are customized for multiple ingredients, while others are specifically for a particular base. If you think you will use your vape pen only for HHC, you may choose a vape pen that is specific to it. If you want to use a vape pen for multiple substances like wax, herbs, etc., you may go for a vaporizer suitable for different base products.

4.    Heating Process Of The Product

There are different heating methods in vape pens. Some of the most common heating processes are-

  • Convection

In this method, HHC is in direct contact with the heating element. As a result, there can be product wastage because of increased combustion.


  • Conduction

In this method, HHC is in direct contact with the heating element. There is a lot of product wastage because of increased combustion.

  • Induction

It is not a usual method but an efficient one. In this method, heating takes place through magnetic fields.

5.    Battery

A desktop vape pen has to be plugged in and is not functional by a battery. If you want a battery-operated e-cigarette, go for a portable e-cigarette having in-built batteries that are rechargeable. These batteries come in different strengths, and the duration of the vaping depends on it. If you are a light user with a medium-range portable e-cigarette, it may last for a few days.

6.    Material And Design Of Vape Pen

E-cigarettes come in different materials such as ceramics, glass, carbon fiber, etc. You may choose the material as per your convenience while using it. However, you should avoid buying e-cigarettes made of silicon, Teflon, etc., because they are prone to melting at high temperatures.

Some e-cigarettes have easy designs, making them simple, while others have complex structures. It is better to go for a simple product if you are a beginner. On the other hand, a habitual user may go for a product that offers various customizations, such as temperature control, concentration, etc.


It may feel like a lot of information, but it is not that complicated when buying your first HHC e-cigarette. If you feel overwhelmed and confused, you may ask a habitual user to help you with the same. It is okay to try different types of e-cigarettes, but make sure not to compromise the quality of the product. Always buy from a reliable manufacturer and seller to avoid health risks and legal consequences. HHC is a new product, so its effects are still unknown. You may observe its reaction in the initial days, then decide its dosage based on your experience.

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