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A Basic Guide to Designing an Office Space

There are over 32 million businesses in the United States. For most of these businesses, their office is their home, their heart, and their success. The offices of America are what makes the country run. 

A beautiful office can make or break a business. Designing an office space isn’t just about looking nice. A well-designed office will lead to an efficient workplace. 

Are you looking at how to design an office and you’re unsure where to start? Here are some great office design tips that you can take on board. 

Great Lighting 

Great lighting is absolutely vital. If you can’t see properly, you can’t work properly. Poor lighting in offices can lead to eye strain, tiredness, and headaches, all things that will significantly decrease efficiency. 

The kind of lighting you should ideally provide is natural light. It’s scientifically proven to boost people’s moods, and in turn their productivity and efficiency.

One of the best ways you can do this is to take out a wall and replace it with a glassboard. Take a look at a glassboard price quote

Ditch the Open Design

Open office designs were a big fad for a while, but it turns out that they may not actually have been the greatest idea. They’ve been shown to actually reduce productivity in the workplace.

If you’re struggling for office design ideas, don’t immediately jump to the cop-out of an open plan. What you should do instead is think about variety. Try to cater the environment you’re designing to the work that your team is doing. 

Raise the Roof (Literally)

People working in high-ceilinged buildings are more efficient. If you’re in the midst of your office redesign, and your building allows for it, try to raise the ceiling. 

The ideal height you want is anything above ten feet. The thinking behind this is that higher ceilings literally allow people to more freely think. 

No White Walls

The color of your office will hold sway over the mood of your office staff, which in turn affects their efficiency. You want your office to be vibrant and to pop. 

The best way to do this is to ditch the boring white walls. Colors like red and green are good ideas, but the main thing to keep in mind is variety. Keep your color scheme coherent but varied to keep people engaged. 

Keep the Noise Down

People who are trying to work don’t like a lot of noise distracting them from what they’re trying to do. It’s vital that you strive to keep noise levels down when you’re designing an office space. 

There are lots of handy things you can install around your office that will keep noise levels down. These include acoustic baffles and other nifty design features that won’t detract from the aesthetic of your office space. 

Designing an Office Space is all About Efficiency

At the end of the day, offices are places of work, and when people are at work you want them to be as efficient as possible. Everything to do with your business should revolve around efficiency, especially the process of designing an office space. 

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