Fun Facts About “Dallas” TV Series

8 Fun Facts About “Dallas” TV Series

In 1980, 350 million turned on Dallas to see the epic episode of who shot J.R. Ewing, making it one of the most popular TV series of its time. But, this is not the only interesting thing about the show. 

If you are a Dallas fan then you should know your facts. 

Start with these 8 TV show trivia tidbits about Dallas

1. Originally was a Miniseries

Some TV sitcoms do not make it past the pilot episode, but Dallas did the opposite. It initially launched as a miniseries but its popularity landed it another 13 seasons after the initial 5 episodes. 

2. Houston Not Dallas

It was Houston that was known for its big oil family industries. However, Michael Fierman, the creator’s executive, thought that Dallas sounded better for a TV show. 

Dallas was rather known for its finance and business enterprises, not oil. 

3. Linda Gray’s Almost Got Fired

No matter how popular TV shows like this one became, the cast of Dallas was dispensable. This was displayed after Linda Gray asked for a pay raise and some directing opportunities, and was then fired. 

After her contract was terminated, Larry Hagman said he would resign if Linda was gone, so she got her job back. He said, “there can be no J.R. without Sue-Ellen.”

4. Revamped Spinoff

It is not uncommon for classic shows to have a spinoff but Dallas’ came before the original. Knots Landing flopped but was then reinstated after Dallas ended. 

In fact, the spinoff was so successful the second time that it lasted for 14 seasons. It also gave a brand new cast the opportunity to offer a fresh take on all your favorite characters. 

5. The Computer Game

Dallas Quest launched after the popular TV show’s end. This was a computer game in 1984 based on the original series. 

6. Dallas 2012 Revival

Bringing back popular shows usually is not successful. The remake of Dallas called by the same name lasted just 3 seasons from 2012 to 2014 on the TNT broadcast network. 

The remake even included some of the original stars like Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, and Ken Kercheval. 

7. Some Scenes Shot In Hollywood

Most of the early scenes were shot in Frisco or Dallas. However, later ones moved to Hollywood in LA, California. So, MGM Studios was the home to many backdrops of the latter part of the TV series. 

8. Mom And Son Close In Age

Larry Hagman’s mother played by Barbara Bel Geddes was only 9 years older than him. This made it difficult for a fake maternal relationship, however, the actors were still able to pull it off well. 

TV Show Trivia Brings Back Memories

The best part about reading TV show trivia is to remember why you loved the show in the first place. It also reveals Dallas’ triumph of success since not many shows can say they had such a devoted following. 

However, the proof is in its attempt to relive these memories in spinoffs, remakes, and interesting trivia. 

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