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7 Ways To Boost Your B2B Ecommerce Personalization:2022

It’s one of the biggest challenges facing B2B eCommerce businesses today. How do you connect with your customer when you connect over the internet?

It’s not like the old days of meeting face to face and shaking hands. How can you make your clients feel important and valued?

Technology has faced that challenge head-on. No more so than the move to personalization.

Personalizing your marketing, selling and customer experience is a great way to pick up the pace and strengthen the trust of your clients. To help, we’ve put together these seven fantastic ways to boost your eCommerce personalization. 

1. Product Recommendations

Make life easy for your customer by bringing personalized product recommendations to their attention the next time they visit your website.

You might personalize based on products they’ve bought recently or products they may like based on purchasing habits.

Put this front-and-center on the homepage so your customers can add these to their baskets immediately. 

2.Create Personalized Admin Accounts

When handling B2B purchases, you’ll probably find your client is a department rather than an individual customer.

On traditional eCommerce sites, that can leave customers with the issue of having to share login details across their organization.

For a more personal experience, set up eCommerce accounts with one high-level admin user account and separate junior accounts for buyers. 6 Tips for Ecommerce Success In 2022

3. Personalize Your Content

You don’t have to limit personalization with eCommerce to products and the buying journey. You can help your customer by providing high-quality written or video content when they land on your website.

Think about adding personalized industry or how-to guides, an explainer or instructional video series for your flagship products, or you could even add a personal video welcome message. 

4. Add Wishlist Functionality

A wishlist has long been popular with B2C customers, but you can apply the same idea to your B2B customers. Give them a personal area in your online store to easily save products for the future

This strategy will make your website more usable and improve your sales conversion rate.

5. Add A Personalized App

Customers love being able to get things done when they’re out and about. By providing a personalized mobile feature for your clients, you’ll give them a faster, more flexible buying experience, like this b2b order taking app

6. Send Personalized Emails

B2B eCommerce customers are busy, so the more you can keep your emails relevant and valuable, the more likely the client will read them.

You can personalize emails based on their past behavior (i.e., whether they opened a previous email). Or you can personalize based on buying behavior (sending product recommendations based on past purchases, for example).

7. Add Personalized Reporting

Does your platform offer a generic account area for customers? Why not add more helpful information such as invoice history, support history, and real-time inventory for repeat orders?

These examples serve merely as a snapshot of the wealth of information you can add to a personalized reporting area for your customers.

Upgrade Your ECommerce Personalization Today

Providing eCommerce personalization will help you build your relationship with your most valuable customers. And if you do it well, it might even offer a significant boost to your sales conversion rates. 

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