7 Instagram Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

About 72% of Americans use some type of social media. In fact, about 70% use social media to connect with one another, remain entertained, or share information. Social media marketing with Instagram can help you engage your target audience.

Are your Instagram posts failing to generate engagement? Are you struggling to attract new Instagram followers? Sounds like you need these Instagram tips!

Read on to discover how you can boost your business with Instagram marketing today!

1. Build Anticipation

Don’t give up the goose from the get-go! Instead, start gaining new Instagram followers by building anticipation. You can tease your followers and encourage them to follow for future content.

For example, perhaps you’re about to release a new product. Don’t showcase the new product in a photo or video. Instead, post a close-up picture that slightly conceals what the product is.

Share the post to your Instagram Stories. Then, use a sticker to ask consumers what they think the product is. You can start generating more engagement with a product teaser post.

As you start using these social media tips, find new ways to tease your audience.

For example, you can prompt followers to return to your account in the future by telling them you have an upcoming announcement. Use the Countdown sticker to prompt them to return to your Stories the next day to see it!

Don’t try pushing your products within your Instagram posts. As you use these Instagram tricks, focus on engaging your audience. Teasing content can help you build their interest.

Otherwise, heavy sales language can make your brand sound desperate. Consumers might decide to unfollow your account. After all, people use social media for entertainment.

Try to remain relaxed as you begin posting.

Make sure you’re remaining true to your brand’s voice, tone, and personality, too. If you have a witty, playful brand, use that to your advantage! For example, you can start adding emojis to your Instagram posts and Stories. 

2. Start Advertising

You can also generate more Instagram followers, leads, and sales by advertising on Instagram.

Instagram now allows you to create eye-catching image and video ads to encourage consumers to take action. For example, you can prompt consumers to visit a product page on your website. You can also use social media shopping.

Consumers no longer have to leave Instagram to explore your products. Instead, they can shop from within the app. This ability can help improve the user experience.

Otherwise, prompting consumers to follow too many links might cause frustration. Instead of heading to your site, they might leave your post altogether.

Consider creating sponsored or carousel ads this year. These ads will blend in naturally with your organic Instagram posts. Consumers won’t have to feel like you’re pushing your products on them.

Instead, you can appear within their feeds and generate more leads or sales.

As you begin advertising on Instagram, make sure to consider your target audience. Create unique, personalized ads based on who your customers are and what they care about. Understanding your target audience will enable you to appeal to their needs.

For example, you can focus on the pain points your customers are facing and provide them with the solutions they need. Providing your customers with helpful solutions can help them see the value you’re offering. 

3. Post UGC

User-generated content (UGC) can help you generate brand trust.

First, create a branded hashtag for your business. Prompt your customers to share Instagram posts of themselves using your products. As they use the hashtag, you’ll have an easier time finding these posts.

Then, reshare the UGC onto your own Instagram account.

Consumers who aren’t sure about your brand will recognize other consumers already love and trust your business. As a result, they might decide to give your business a try. You can leverage the brand trust you’ve already gained to generate more leads and sales. 

Using UGC can help your brand look authentic, too. 

4. Tell a Compelling Story

Storytelling is a great way to draw more people to your brand. 

Consider the problems your customers are facing. Then, create a story using a branded image. Show someone experiencing the same problem.

Then, demonstrate how your product or service can help the consumer improve their lives.

Try posting more Instagram Stories this year, too. Stories are easy for consumers to engage with. For example, you can use Stickers to create Polls and Quizzes.

Posting more interactive content can help you boost engagement.

You can also use eye-catching animations or gifs to draw the consumer’s eyes to your content. 

As you begin using these Instagram tips and tricks, make sure you’re A/B testing your efforts. Review your analytics to determine which posts generate more engagement. Then, start using those marketing tactics more often. 

Check out these highlight ideas as you start posting more Instagram Stories, too!

5. Host a Content

You can also generate more Instagram followers or likes by hosting a contest.

Offer a prize your customers want to win. Then, tell them they can apply by:

  • Following your account
  • Tagging a friend
  • Sharing the post in their stories
  • Liking the post

Each time someone tags a friend, you’re reaching more potential customers. Then, you can generate more engagement and brand awareness. 

6.  Work With an Influencer

If you’re struggling to gain Instagram followers, work with a social media influencer.

Influencers already have a strong following online. You can leverage the brand trust they’ve gained to build your own following. Let an influencer promote your product or service to gain more followers.

7. Schedule Your Content

You can save valuable time by scheduling your Instagram posts in advance. 

Create a ton of content in one sitting. Then, schedule it out for a month.

Make sure to check in regularly as you generate comments, though!

Lots of Likes: Start Using These Instagram Tips Today

Want to experience success online? Make sure you’re using these seven Instagram tips and tricks. Applying these tips can help you generate more followers and engagement.

Then, you can effectively use Instagram to give your business a boost!

Searching for more tips? You’ve come to the right blog.

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