Advantages of Video Brochures for Your Business

7 Advantages of Video Brochures for Your Business

Do you know what a video brochure is? We’ve all seen printed brochures, but what exactly are video brochures?

First, a video brochure is a short video that allows you to introduce your business to prospective customers. Secondly, it’s a savvy marketing tool that helps you reach your customer base faster than they could read a printed advertisement. But there’s more!

Check out this overview to see what you can do with video brochures and why they offer unique advantages over other types of advertising.

1. Pitch Fast

People love stories. And a video brochure lets you tell your company’s story in a few short minutes!

This accomplishes two things. First, customers can see your pitch instead of reading a paragraph. Secondly, they’re more likely to hear what you have to say all the way through to when you make your sales pitch.

2. Go Viral

Social media is one of the best marketing tools ever invented. Most businesses use digital marketing to reach customers, hoping to get a post to go viral at least once.

Creating and sharing a video brochure on social media increases your odds of going viral, or at least getting shared thousands of times. And when this happens, your fanbase, a.k.a. customer base, will grow exponentially!

3. Animate Your Website

What’s the next best thing you can do, besides getting customers to visit your website in the first place? Show them who you are in a matter of seconds.

You can do this with an embedded video brochure. It should introduce you, your company, your top products and services, and explain why they should place an order with your company.

Your customers will immediately notice the video when they open your website and start watching to find out what your company can do for them. Be sure to solve a problem for them and make them curious for more information.

4. Get on TV

If your marketing plans include running TV ads, you can use your video brochure for all or part of this. Either run the brochure “as is” or edit it for TV. Either way, once you make a video brochure you’re already ahead of many other businesses who rely solely on print marketing methods.

5. Close Sales Faster

Remember, customers like stories, and watching stories especially. If your video brochure orients towards selling, you’re more likely to actually sell faster.

6. Get More Attention

Business video brochures won’t wind up in the trashcan the way “junk mail” brochures do. They really stand out and capture the attention of your audience.

It does cost something to create a quality video brochure, but you’ll find that your video brochure cost is a worthwhile investment.

7. Gain a Reputation as a Leader in Your Industry

Video brochures work partly because they’re still unique and help you stand out from the crowd. If you use them as part of your marketing strategy, you’ll have an edge over your competitors.

Gain an Edge With Video Brochures

It’s clear that video brochures can help you establish an edge over your competition. They get your message to customers fast and efficiently, giving your company a chance to go viral and get shared on social media. If you want to grow your customer base and increase sales, don’t wait. Make one today!

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