Being now in the digital world is necessary to survive in such an aggressive market!

Digital marketing is the set of communication actions that a company can carry out over the internet to promote its products, strengthen its brand and expand its customer base.

At a time like the present, when reality and the virtual world are increasingly confused (due to the phenomenon of mobility, digital transformation, and social media), the most successful sales strategies are those that use marketing techniques digital.

The flow of information on the web reaches exponential traffic.

This means that, even with little investment, it is possible to reach your target audience at an incomparable speed and scale compared to traditional methods of attracting customers.

The internet has become the 3rd most far-reaching vehicle in Brazil, behind the only TV and very close to the radio.

Being already in the digital world is, therefore, required to survive in such a competing market.

And it was with this in mind that we decided to present to you, in the next lines, 5 unbeatable ways to use digital marketing for sales.

How to use digital marketing for sales

  1. Convey credibility and position yourself well in search engines
    The creation of relevant and constant content is essential to engage your existing customers, attract new consumers, in addition to developing a positive perception of your brand, which, inevitably, will be converted to improve your sales results.

Specialized work with rich content is one of the most important in digital marketing, but it should preferably be carried out by companies specializing in content.

They will be able to accurately diagnose the target audience of your business and how to attract it through digital strategies, such as SEO and sponsored links.

  1. Discover the content marketing
  2. Consumers are increasingly aware of their role as protagonists in purchasing decision-making processes.

A possible revolution with the internet and the reason why companies have been investing more and more in building a digital marketing presence for sales.

Although the importance of this work of gaining visibility through the production and dissemination of relevant content is obvious to marketing teams, it is not always so clear to the sales team.

Marketing and sales need to align this perspective.

We will show below how content marketing, the digital marketing right hand for sales, can help your marketing and sales teams be more successful!

Here are five reasons why your sales team should embrace content
More sales possibilities
Content marketing is a real weapon when it comes to attracting and captivating potential customers for a company.

This is because, being supplied with quality materials, your company’s website and blog tend to have a good position in front of search engines like Google, for example.

This positioning allows the organic generation (totally free and spontaneous) of new leads, which represents a real increase in the sales possibilities for your team.

Less time spent on customer service and reduced cost of customer acquisition (CAC)
Another benefit that content marketing brings to the sales team is the possibility of reducing the cost of acquiring customers thanks to more practical and quick service.

How is this possible?

Remember that one of the main functions of the content is to educate and lead potential customers through all phases of the sales funnel (attraction, conversion, lead nutrition, and purchase).

This will save your sales team the hassle of having to prove the product and company value to the prospect.

In practice, the potential customer arrives at the salesperson with their main doubts – both about the product and the company – already resolved.

And that is precisely why there is a reduction in the time spent on care.

One thing is for sure: quality content generates leads better prepared to become customers.

This means a reduction in the time spent on customer service and, of course, an increase in productivity generated by digital marketing for sales.

The more skilled sales team
As with your leads, quality content teaches, evangelizes, educates, and trains the sales team to speak the “language of the company”.

And for that to happen, the marketing and sales teams must walk together.

Especially when surveying the main questions, doubts, and interests of the company’s public.

Easier sales
As we said above, content marketing has the power to attract and also to teach leads all the features, functions, and advantages of the products or services offered by your company.

That is why digital marketing strategies are always considered among sales.

This prior contact represents a reduction in the possible objections that a customer may have, whether related to the company or the product or service.

For the sales team, that means prospects are better prepared for easier buying and selling!

Reduction in after-sales work
And since the relationship with the customer does not end when the purchase is completed, content marketing will benefit your sales team by also contributing to the reduction of your post-sale work.

The production and dissemination of relevant content to contacts who have already become customers of your company is a great way to avoid possible problems after purchasing the product or service.

And you, already invest in content marketing?

How does it benefit your sales team?

Is it among your digital marketing tactics for sales?

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  1. Invest in email marketing
    A well-done email marketing has high reading rates, in addition to allowing the company to create an emotional connection with its customers.

E-mails should be monthly or biweekly, in order not to erode the company’s image. They should also be lightweight, with no heavy files to download and relevant content.

Also, don’t forget to create an opt-out channel (unsubscribe link), so that recipients have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

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  1. Be active on social media
    A recent report from We Are Social showed that about 3.8 billion people worldwide have accounts on at least one social media channel.

To get an idea of ?? the reach power of these media, Facebook alone has about 120 million accounts opened in Brazil.

These numbers suggest the breadth of reach of a good job with social networks.

Create multiple accounts on multiple channels and manage them frequently.

Encourage your followers to go viral on the content posted on your company pages.

Promotions and personalized actions are good ways to achieve this level of engagement and increase your sales in the medium term.

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  1. Remarketing shows that a sale is not lost on the first attempt
    Use this digital marketing feature for sales to win back your future and current customers.

Understanding remarketing is not difficult.

It is about communicating, announcing, or starting a new contact with a person who has shown interest in any of your offers.

It is like a second chance to not lose a potential customer who was just a little push away from buying.

This digital marketing tactic for sales can also be used for customers who have already converted, mainly for upsells and cross-sells.

Now that you have the remarketing concept in mind, let’s detail where it can be applied.

See the benefits of this feature and why it is so essential.
Where can it be used?

Remarketing can be applied both offline and online.

In the second, it is usually more used especially because of the ease of the tools that automate this work.

In the “physical world”, a common remarketing tactic would be to call a salesperson to a visitor who left their contact in the customer register.

This potential buyer must previously show an interest in buying.

In the “virtual world”, on the other hand, remarketing actions are seen in advertisements on websites, social networks, blogs, and in marketing emails.

To implement this strategy of digital marketing for sales, companies use specialized platforms to automate this process.

For example Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

Thus, consumers who visited a website or abandoned a shopping cart in e-commerce can again be impacted and convinced to change their minds.

Benefits of Remarketing
Ads targeting the right people
Remarketing is one of the most assertive digital marketing strategies for sales out there.

The platforms work with codes that, when inserted in specific pages of a website, can record access data, such as the time spent on the page and the user’s IP.

This information is used to make the ads target more intelligently.

Thus, you can offer a product that a visitor saw on your website, while he accesses your social network, for example.

This makes remarketing the tool that can deliver the right message at the best time and to the right audience.

Recovery of abandoned carts
The abandonment of purchases in the virtual market is one of the main problems faced by companies.

A report by Ve Interactive revealed that, in the first quarter of 2015, the average number of abandoned carts in Brazilian e-commerce was 83.73%.

The justifications may vary depending on the value of the freight, the lack of discounts, the payment terms, among other reasons.

If you already know what remarketing is, you have an idea that it was designed exactly so as not to miss out on these business opportunities.

Want an example?

Enter your email or one of your social networks, you will probably see that there is an ad or email marketing from a virtual store there that, at some point, gave up buying a product.

Reheat purchase intentions
It is a benefit that follows the line of the previous topic.

This point, in particular, is to highlight that remarketing is not only used to reinforce the chances of buying from an ‘almost customer’.

To get a better idea, a survey by Forrester, with an analysis of the global sphere, found that 96% of visitors who visit a website for the first time leave without converting.

Often, the user is still getting to know the site, researching the products, comparing prices, and does not yet have an immediate purchase interest.

In that case, remarketing can be used to remind that person that your store still has the products they once searched for and may have forgotten.

Increase in sales
Finally, it is worth highlighting the natural consequence of the entire remarketing process as a digital marketing strategy for sales.

A sale that has not taken place at any given time does not mean that it is a lost sale.

It is in this idea that remarketing works, making companies generate more revenue from a second chance to win the same customers.

To learn more about remarketing, check out the short and very enlightening video below!

  1. Bet on electronic tools for creating and controlling business processes
    Before adding new customers, it is necessary to maintain and engage those that your company already has.

For this reason, maintaining strict control over the history of its customers, closely monitor the existing negotiations, and have access to reports and sales charts, is an essential factor.

This helps to get to know your niche well and, from there, develop a digital marketing plan for sales aimed at attracting new consumers.

The objectives of marketing are:

Maximize the organization’s objectives because of non-controllable external variables;
Develop efficient market strategies that enhance the business capacity to attract new customers;
Consolidate existing ones.
In this light, digital marketing for sales has been consolidating itself as a mandatory source of amplification of corporate power.

It is an effective means of low-cost communication (compared to traditional marketing, such as radio, TV, magazines, and newspapers), in addition to spreading globally.

During a moment when organic and digital realities are increasingly confused in people’s daily lives, refraining from using the internet and the “mobile world” to reach their potential consumers and improve their sales results is nothing recommendable!

How to sell more with digital marketing?
Check out essential tips for you to be able to sell more with digital marketing.

Define the ideal persona for your business;
Educate the market and invest in Content Marketing;
Create email marketing funnels;
Invest in the relationship with customers;
Be participative in social networks;
Use marketing automation tools;
Have a good remarketing strategy.
What is digital marketing?
Digital marketing is a concept that encompasses several online activities that a company or person can perform. The goal of digital marketing is to attract new customers and businesses, as well as to create authority on the internet and develop relationships with potential customers. Its main strategies are Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing.

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