5 Useful Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Janitorial Service

5 Useful Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Janitorial Service

There are 1,063,988 janitorial service companies in operation right now. 

How are you supposed to find the right one from a pool like that? 

Luckily, there are some important questions you can ask that will greatly help you narrow down the selection. 

Here are some of the best questions to as a janitorial service. 

1. Is Your Janitorial Service Insured? 

Investing in a company and employee insurance policy shows a lot about the ethics of a janitorial service. Insurance ensures that employees will be cared for if they are injured on the job. If a company is willing to invest in their employees by insuring them, you also know that they probably take the time to hire quality staff. 

Being bonded shows that company practices meet industry standards. Sometimes they indicate that a business operates above industry standards.  Ultimately, being bonded and insures just how invested in running a quality business that a janitorial company is. 

2. Do You Conduct Background Checks? 

Not knowing exactly who will have the keys to your property can be an uneasy feeling. Will your equipment be safe? Will your office be secure?

A quality business or office cleaning service is aware of this and will require background checks to ensure its client’s quality service. If a company does not require a background check, they are likely not the type of quality you’re looking for. 

3. How Long Have You Been In Business? 

There are some things that only time can teach. How long a janitorial service has been in business will help show you how solidified their reputation is. Choosing a new company isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing. It’s just more difficult to track how reliable they are and to verify the quality of service they offer. 

4. What Types Of Clients Do You Serve? 

Not all commercial janitorial services specialize in the same types of work. Cleaning a sports stadium is a lot different than cleaning an office building. How a janitorial company answers this will tell you how capable they are of fulfilling your cleaning needs. 

You can also ask a janitorial service how many of their clients are long-term clients who have renewed their contracts. Or, you can request references. Any quality janitorial company will be transparent with this information. 

5. What Types Of Cleaning Supplies Do You Use? 

According to tcsvcs.com, eco-friendly products are essential to ensuring the safety of the clients and employees in your building. Not to mention the environment. The quality of a janitorial service’s cleaning products shows how much they actually care about their clients and staff.

Most quality companies will also supply their own cleaning products. But, some businesses ask their clients to supply cleaning products. It doesn’t hurt to verify that they supply their own cleaning products when you talk to them. 

Hiring The Best Janitorial Service

After you’ve asked the basic logistical and budgetary questions, the questions in this post will definitely help you find the right janitorial service for your needs. 

Need more tips on how to hire the best services for your organization? Click over to our “business” section for even more advice! 

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