5 Factors to Consider When Developing Your Product Packaging

72% of Americans conclude that product packaging influences their decision to buy a product.

If you’re not taking packaging into account, you’re really missing an opportunity to sell more products. Catching a consumer’s eye can have a drastic effect on whether they buy your product or a direct competitor’s.

In this post, we’re going to tell you 5 factors to consider when you’re designing your product packaging. The visuals aren’t the only thing, so keep reading and we’ll help you make sure your packaging isn’t hurting your sales numbers.

1. Graphics and Branding

Your company branding is the most important aspect of your package design. If you’ve got a great logo and the right color scheme, you’ll be able to catch the consumer’s eye.

It’s a good idea to check in on your competitors to see what their product packages look like. You’ll want to make sure yours are unique without making them unattractive.

Think about images, fonts, color choice, and whatever other design aspects you want to integrate.

2. Risk of Damage In Transit

Structural integrity is a factor you have to consider. If you’re going to be shipping your products across long distances, whether it’s B2C or B2B, then you need them to be strong enough.

Make sure enough testing is done on the durability of the packaging before the first products go to ship. It’s always better to be safe and spend more on durable packaging than to have to replace damaged products.

3. Materials

The materials will be a huge part of how structurally sound your packaging is. With better materials, however, will be a higher cost. You’ll have various materials to choose from, like plastic, cardboard, foil, or a multi-material situation.

Consider the other aspects of the packaging as well. Product packaging supplies and shipping labels are an important piece of the puzzle, for instance. Get the best label printer you can afford and make sure there’s never confusion about where your packages are going.

4. Sustainability

You can’t talk about custom product packaging materials without discussing sustainability. Having eco-friendly product packaging can really bolster your company’s reputation. It’s important to do your best to fight for the environment and it’s helpful when the public can see that you’re doing it.

For that reason, you might shy away from the use of plastics and foils. Use recycled materials wherever you can and you’ll keep your carbon footprint low.

5. Shapes

The shape of your packaging should be factored in, not only when thinking about structural strength, but for your ability to fit multiple products in one type of package. If you don’t want to be ordering a different shaped package for each product you sell, then figure out the optimal shape for all of your packages.

This will cut down on costs and is yet another way to prevent too much waste.

Product Packaging Matters

Product packaging boxes and supplies really do matter. Now that you know what you should be thinking about during the design process, you can implement the best product packaging possible. Let your packaging start the conversation and your products do the talking.

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