5 Digital Signage Retail Benefits

The digital sign trend is still booming, and things like apple TV digital signage are becoming more and more popular in the retail sector. The truth is that there are many benefits to having digital signs, especially if you are in the retail industry. Here are five digital signage retail benefits.

1 – Show People Your Stock

In simple terms, you can show people the sorts of things you sell. It sounds pretty redundant at first, but have you ever driven past a large hardware store and wondered if they have BBQ charcoal, sand, or compost? Companies have been putting up posters since the day the Magna Carta was signed. But, these days, you can have rotating posters, each one showing on your digital sign after a few seconds of delay.

You can give people a broad idea of what you do nearer the doors, and then as people move into your store, you can give them specific brands and closer looks at the sorts of things you have to offer and the prices you are charging.

2 – Demonstrate Your Stock

You perhaps cannot show off how smooth and silent your new lawnmower is when you are running a small shop, but you can demonstrate it through videos that you show in your store. You can demonstrate most of the items you sell.

Even if you are selling clothes, you can show models walking around in those clothes on your videos. Be careful how you go about doing this because you do want it to look a little like the shopping TV infomercials you see all the time but pushing the idea too far will put people off. Start with the basics in showing people what the product does and go from there onto something more sophisticated.

3 – Tell People Your Stock Levels

The PlayStation 5 situation has helped to reignite this little issue. People are walking into shops asking if they have PlayStation 5s yet. The console has been out for over two years, but most people still can’t get one. Wouldn’t it be great if you could show people on your digital signs how many you have in stock?

You could do a similar thing when the Christmas or Black Friday craze toy comes around again. Show people if you do or do not have any in stock. If people keep coming in and wasting your time asking if you have any in stock, you could simply show your stock numbers on your digital signs.

4 – Promote Your Stock

You run adverts on Facebook, on YouTube, and on your website, why not run them in your store. The problem with adverts is that they are an unwelcome intrusion on the task at hand, but when you are running them in your store, then the task at hand is an interest in your products or services. It is not like you are watching a tips video on YouTube about baking cakes and then a tampon advert comes on.

When people are in your store, they are looking for the products or services you sell, so adverts as to which are the best and what they do are almost always welcome. Just be careful of repetitive adverts or ad jingles because they may frustrate your staff if they have to listen to them over and over again every working day. 

5 – Promote Your Brand

You can teach people your brand principles based on what you show on your digital signs. You can also give people an idea of the sort of demographics you are aiming for.

The branding methods you use on your website could feature in your digital signs. The image you put across will help sure up your reputation, especially if your digital sign content matches what your brand promotes about itself.

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