Creative Ideas For Custom Made Mugs

5 Creative Ideas For Custom Made Mugs

Mugs have been present almost as long as humans walked the earth. The oldest mug discovered dates back to the prehistoric Neolithic Stone Age in 10,000 BCE. 

Back in that period, mugs were often made without handles. And the ones that did were usually made from bone. That’s because they would last much longer than wooden handles.

In the 21st century, mugs and drinkware are an essential part of daily lives. From gift-giving to sipping a latte, mugs bring us joy every day. That is why custom-made mugs are more popular than ever!

But what are the best and trendiest custom-made mugs on offer today? 

Continue reading to find out.

1. The Tealight Candle Mug

There is nothing worst than sipping a delicious hot beverage then suddenly turning stone cold. Luckily there’s now a solution, the tealight mug.

How does it work? It is simple. 

It begins with just an ordinary mug. Once you finish taking a drink of your hot beverage, you place the mug down on a special holder instead of the table.

Inside the special holder is a space for a small tealight candle to sit. The candle will keep the liquid inside the mug at a warm temperature.

2. The Glass Coffee Mug

Although you can use clear glasses for tea or hot chocolate, watching the layers of coffee form as being brewed is a work of art.

It’s best to get a double-layered glass mug.

Glass mugs are not great insulators of heat but getting it doubled layered will keep your drink warmer for longer, perfect for those who like to take their time and sip away on coffee.

Another pro for the double-layered glass mug is that you can get fancy mugs making the coffee inside appear as if it’s floating.

3. The Classic Personalized Mug

Personalized mugs have become one of the most popular gifts for any occasion throughout the year.

Anyone who owns a personalized mug knows just how special it is to drink from this one mug above all others. What’s even more important is that nobody else ever drinks from it.

The best part is you use custom mug printing that relates to all genders, ages, and ways of life.

4. The Travel Mug

It’s only when you really need one do you realize its brilliance.

The travel mug is a lifesaver when you’re running late or meeting up with that over-enthusiastic morning person. You can take your caffeine fix with you without stopping in an overpriced cafe, wasting time and money.

There are many brands, materials, and sizes to choose from. That’s why customizing a travel mug to suit your needs is the right thing to do. 

5. Biscuit Holder Mugs

What is better than a cup of tea on a rainy Sunday afternoon? A cup of tea with biscuits, of course!

These mugs have a special section to store some biscuits. The mug has a section for the biscuits at the bottom or a pocket-like structure on the outside.

No need to keep reaching for the pack of biscuits!

Why Choose Custom Made Mugs?

Now you have 5 ideas for custom-made mugs to give as a gift or treat yourself. 

Not only do custom-made mugs give you all the functions you desire, but they also give you a close-knit bond that only you can relate to.

If you like creative ideas or want to learn more about drinkware, continue reading our free blog!

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