Creative Branding Tips for ROI Marketing

5 Creative Branding Tips for ROI Marketing

Is your brand sinking in a sea of competitors?

A brand is only as good as its ability to connect with its clients. For that, you need a spark of creativity and a way to keep your ROI healthy as you invest in marketing.

If you’re feeling stuck for ideas, then here are 5 creative branding tips to boost your marketing ROI.

1. Find Your Voice

Establishing a strong brand voice is one of the most effective branding steps you can take. It’s this voice that will set your apart from the competition and ensure that all of your communications feel like they’re coming from the same brand.

Think about what your brand represents as well as its primary customer base, and find a voice that suits the feel of your brand. This voice should become the common thread in all your marketing.

2. Refresh Your Look

Refreshing your brand’s look with a new logo and branding materials can make your brand seem new and exciting again. It also keeps you up to date — as styles change, old logos start to look dated and out of touch.

A brand refresh can be expensive and it’s sometimes overlooked because of a perceived low ROI. Yet a brand refresh creates a powerful source of “soft” ROI, regenerating your brand from top to bottom in a way that drives engagement.

3. Embrace Two-Way Marketing

Before the rise of social media, marketing was often a one-way deal. Your brand puts out marketing, and customers consume it.

Some brands still operate in this way. Yet most have realized the potential for two-way marketing, which involves opening up your brand to customer interaction. This creates a conversational marketing style that, in turn, transforms customers into brand advocates.

4. Branded Packaging

Branded packaging turns every single product you send out into a miniature billboard. For a great example of successful marketing via packaging, just think of cereal box packaging (some of the ways they achieve success are linked here).

Cereal packaging creates strong associations between a package and the brand, and provides brand promotion even as it sits there on a shelf.

Branded packaging offers great ROI because it can boost your brand signal many times over, reaching customers and non-customers alike.

5. Read The Room

Finally, reading the room has become a crucial skill for a modern brand.

What does it mean to read the room? It means keeping your brand on the cutting edge of trends without falling into pitfalls like misjudging the tone, bandwagoning, or coming off as just plain cheesy.

It’s a tough tightrope to walk, but tapping into the zeitgeist can offer incredible ROI. Strike the right nerve at the right time, and the internet will do the rest of your work for you.

Branding Tips To Increase Your Marketing ROI

If you’re struggling to connect your brand with its audience, then these tips could boost your signal — and your ROI. Taken together, they could transform the future of your brand.

Looking for more business tips? Check back often to find new ways to grow your business.

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