Common Shipping Issues Facing eCommerce Businesses

5 Common Shipping Issues Facing eCommerce Businesses

13% of consumers will never order again from your eCommerce business if the delivery is late.

Yet, many businesses tend to downplay this statistic and argue it’s normal to lose customers. They don’t realize that these consumers will post negative reviews about your business, causing you to lose leads. If you do nothing about this problem, your business will soon stop making sales and go under.

That’s why you should learn the best ways to manage these shipping challenges to give your business an edge.

To help you out, here are the five common shipping issues facing eCommerce businesses.

1. Late Deliveries

Many eCommerce businesses have a hard time making deliveries within the agreed time. One of the reasons for late delivery is customers ordering items that are out of stock. The other cause of this problem is using the wrong shipping methods, especially for international deliveries.

To overcome these challenges, seek the help of professional freight forwarders such as You want to get professional assistance handling various international shipping issues. The idea is to ensure timely order fulfillment, thereby creating a positive brand image.

2. High Shipping Fees

The other challenge online shops face is managing high shipping fees. These businesses don’t understand how their competitors can afford to offer free shipping. And that’s why they struggle to get an edge and generate massive online sales.

To curb this shipping challenge, look for carriers who offer competitive rates. Another trick is to factor in shipping fees when pricing your products and thereby offer free shipping.

3. Products Damaged Or Lost In Transit

Many new eCommerce shops assume that spoilt goods are one of the challenges with shipping produce. So, as long as there aren’t dealing with perishable goods, there is no need to worry about this risk. Yet, even non-perishable goods are damaged and lost in transit.

That’s why you should look for practical ways to manage this risk, such as dealing with experienced shippers. You want to find shippers who’ll properly handle your products when shipping them to customers.

4. Difficulty Managing Returns

Many new online businesses fail to create channels for customers to send returns. So, their customers have a hard time sending back defective items, which damages the customer experience. That’s why your eCommerce business should develop a clear return policy that directs customers on how to send backorders.

5. Challenge Tracking Shipments

Difficulty tracking shipments is the other problem that eCommerce businesses are facing. The problem is that customers are demanding regular updates on shipping progress. So, look for ways you can use technology to ease shipment tracking.

Enhance Your E-commerce Business Growth By Overcoming Common Shipping Issues

To create a positive brand image as an eCommerce store, you need to make timely deliveries. That’s why you need to understand the above shipping issues and learn how to manage them. You want to remove any obstacles that increase the risk of late delivery.

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