5 Bucket List Adventures Everyone Should Experience in the USA

The great American holiday is back on the menu. After a pandemic and nation-wide lockdowns, more than 80% of Americans say they’re planning on taking a road trip while on break.

But the question is, where to go? In these great United States, what are the bucket list adventures that you can’t afford to miss out on? Should you go to New Orleans? Chicago? It’s too much to decide!

Well, wonder no longer, check out these adventurous travel ideas we’ve put together. Pretty soon, you’ll have a longer adventure bucket list than you could possibly know what to do with!

#1: The Florida Keys

If you want beaches, sunsets, and more cocktails than you can shake a stick at, the Florida Keys are a must-see US holiday destination. As family travel adventures go, you can hardly do better than the sun and surf of the sunshine state.

Pack a picnic, load up a camper van, and head down to Florida’s beaches. You won’t regret it!

#2: Yosemite National Park

If adventurous travel is the name of the game for you, then you can’t do better than Yosemite National Park. Enormous mountains, towering natural features, anything you can think of can be found in the boundless landscapes of Yosemite. It’s pretty much the final word in natural beauty.

#3: See America by Air

Why see part of America when you can see all of America? With an air tour of some of the United States’ most striking landmarks, you can tick off an item that’s on the bucket list of millions of American citizens.

How best to do it? Well, there’s plenty of helicopter tours out there that will be happy to show you the country’s beauty from the sky. Why not check out a Breeze Helicopters tour and see some of the most incredible sights you’ll see in your lifetime?

#4: Take a City Break

Nature not really your thing? One of the best bucket list adventures out there is to take a relaxing city break in one of the US’ innumerable beautiful metropolises. San Francisco? New York? Why not both?

The best thing about a city break is it can be a fun-packed family adventure or a romantic break for a couple. Everyone’s happy!

#5: See the Historic Northeast

Why not go back to the founding of the country? Take an adventure in 1776 and see some of America’s revolutionary historical heritage. The northeastern states are ram-packed with landmarks and locales that have leapt right off the pages of a history book.

Bucket List Adventures for Everyone

So there you have it, just a few of the many bucket list adventures you can go on in the US right this second. Whether you want beaches, mountains, history, or just a great time in the city, America has something to offer you.

So pack your bags! We’re going on holiday!

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