Brilliant Benefits of Dash Cameras for Your Vehicle Fleet

5 Brilliant Benefits Of Dash Cameras For Your Vehicle Fleet

Around 70% of carriers use dash cams, which shows they’re popular with businesses. 

There are many benefits of getting a dashcam for your fleet, from monitoring your employees to providing evidence for accident insurance claims. But there are other lesser-known advantages to consider. Perhaps you’re in charge of a fleet and you’ve heard about dash cams, but you’re not sure whether it’s worth your time. 

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five benefits of getting a front dash camera for your company’s vehicles. 

1. Evidence For Insurance Claims

One of the top benefits of a front dash camera is it gives you evidence for insurance claims. For instance, if your employee has had a road accident, then you can pull up the footage to see what happened. This is useful because people often forget minor details when they’re in a traumatic event, so use a dash camera to prevent this.  

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2. Reduces Insurance Premiums 

Another reason to get a fleet vehicle dash camera is that it reduces insurance premiums. Often, when drivers are caught in an incident, then their insurance provider charges more because there’s no evidence to back up their argument.

Now, many insurance companies recognize that dashcams can solve this ongoing problem, which means customers save a fortune on insurance. 

3. Records Driver Behavior

Fleet managers should install a dash camera front and rear, as it records the driver’s behavior. This makes employees accountable, which gives business owners peace of mind. Further, when drivers know they’re being watched, then they will be on their best behavior, such as staying alert behind the wheel and caring for the vehicle. 

4. Prevents Crash-For-Cash Scams

A major argument to get dash cams is to offer protection to businesses against crash-for-cash scams. These fraudsters stage an accident where the driver following a vehicle can be blamed for hitting another. This is because the driver slams the brakes and later makes a claim.

But when you use a dashcam, fleet owners can check whether abruptly braking was necessary. 

5. Great For Driver Training 

One of the top reasons to have a dash camera is to improve driver training.

Getting behind the wheel is far more effective than watching a tutorial, so monitor the newbie’s skills via a dashcam. The trainee driver can then see where they need improving, while experienced drivers can watch the video and share their wisdom. Eventually, fleet drivers can use dash cams instead of training courses, which are often expensive.  

Get A Front Dash Camera For Your Fleet Today

Getting a front dash camera for your fleet is necessary, as it prevents crash-for-cash scams, reduces insurance premiums, and lets you track employee behavior behind the wheel. It also is a great alternative for driver training and provides evidence for insurance claims. What’s not to love?

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