5 Best Survey Platforms for Small Businesses

5 Best Survey Platforms for Small Businesses

Survey platforms are essential for small businesses trying to succeed in today’s incredibly competitive business world.

This is because of how vital it has become for brands to receive feedback from their customers and convert that data into insights they can act on. Survey software isn’t just another feedback tool, it’s a great way to gain more analytical and data-based information.

This is for several reasons: its ability to quickly capture data, its capacity to be flexible in design as well as being able to provide real-time responses. The combination of these 3 factors allows managers and brands to respond to customers’ needs or pain points.

Being able to do that not only enhances overall customer experiences and interactions with your brand but gives you a direction to work towards. Improvement without direction, information, and data is ultimately futile.

Especially for a small business trying to get the most out of the power of survey platforms. 

That’s why it’s important to use not just the best great platform, but the best platform for you.

5 Best Survey Platforms for Small Businesses

If you’re going to maximize your ROIs, it’s important to have a great survey platform, on which you can base your decisions. These 6 survey platforms are some of the best out there and if you’re going to be a successful brand, it’ll be down to one of these. 


Attest.com is one of the most user-friendly and modern survey platforms out there. 

Established as recently as 2015, they’ve quickly become a powerhouse survey platform. That’s thanks to a philosophy they refer to as “Growth without guesswork”.

As much as that sounds like some techy platitude, Attest has used this in every aspect of their platform. 

The result is a platform that allows you access to your target customers in a simple, fast and holistic way. Offering a host of easy-to-make and understand templates to get you going, it also offers you analytic tools to help you constantly mine for opportunities.

Part of what makes Attest so great is its commitment to providing quality data, which utilizes a data science team as well as machine-learning-led algorithms to ensure your surveys are as accurate as possible.

When it comes to data, accuracy is key.


Attractive, stylish, and simplistic, thanks to a major marketing push in recent years, Typeform has become increasingly popular in the survey platform market. 

Typeform is fantastically easy to use and also offers a variety of eye-catching templates for novice form designers to use and customize. Its surveys are generally designed to find out exactly what issues or gripes a user has rather than simple, yes or no, good or bad answers. 

This allows you to glean much more specific, deeper insights. 

Typeforms main selling points are its clean and user-friendly design as well as features like offering multiple-choice questions. This enables users to answer questions faster and more accurately which means Typeforms surveys tend to see decent completion rates.

With various, visually appealing  combinations you can introduce (everything from implementing brand colors, images, slide numbers, etc.) Typeform is a creative designer’s dream. 


Hubspot is a major player in the digital marketing space so it’s not surprising that they have one of the most robust and useful survey platforms.

Hubspot has always been customer-centric and so it’s easy to see why they’re so good with something as customer-based as surveys. Add to this their ability to integrate their various other tools and resources, and Hubspot is one of the most versatile and comprehensive platforms out there.

Thanks to its Service Hubs intuitive customer feedback feature, you’re able to quickly identify the mood of your customers. It can combine the feedback from those with things like customer effort scores, customer satisfaction surveys, and a variety of additional feedback methods. This helps make your data both more accurate as well as actionable.

Customization, integration, and specific needs-based solutions have always been Hubspot’s strengths so if you’re looking for a survey platform that’s linked and backed by a powerful support network, Hubspot is the one for you.


SurveyMonkey is probably the most well-known survey platform. And that’s not just because it’s got a survey in its name.

That’s mainly down to its incredibly user-friendly design and free basic plan.

SurveyMonkey offers various degrees of customization, advanced data collection methods as well as offering in-depth quantitative analysis for large amounts of data. This makes it not just an incredibly powerful platform but a versatile one as well. Whether that’s running surveys on platforms like Facebook Messenger, embedding surveys into apps, or even making forms accessible offline. 

For those who aren’t sure of whether or not audiences will respond to your surveys, they also offer a product that will promote your surveys for you.

Because data analysis can be draining, dull and confusing for the average user It also has some great visual tools to convert your findings into easier-to-understand visual mediums.

This makes it incredibly easy to incorporate the results of your surveys into presentations without needing to export and analyze findings yourself first.

SurveyMonkey is such a huge name in the marketing world, which means there are hundreds of resources, customer support teams, and FAQs to assist you with implementing the surveys you want. 

It’s so focused on just delivering great surveys, your odds of success are incredibly high.

Google Forms

Google Forms offer some of the easiest ways to make, design, and analyze surveys.

Google form is a great option for brands that are looking for inexpensive but effective opinions to survey their customers. That’s because Google Forms are free for anyone with a Google account.

Quick, easy to use and customize, and offering various graphs and charts as a means to interpret your data, the Google Forms survey platform is a great budget-orientated option. While it may lack some of the sleekness or excessive templates other options on this list have, that doesn’t mean it’s not a quality resource.

Google forms allow users to make forms that are easy to share and integrate while still maintaining their quality. It offers you the ability to make logic branching forms and clear sections for your surveys which are incredibly helpful for educators, activists, and teams that need feedback, quickly.

Because it’s a Google product, it also means it has access to resources others don’t and means it may be a platform worth keeping as Google continues its meteoric growth in the online world.

Final Thoughts

Online surveys are one of the best ways for a brand to get insights into the issues, concerns, and interests of its customers. According to studies by the Pew Research Center, the number of companies that perform online surveys has exploded over the past decade.

This has largely been due to the fact that online surveys are relatively cheap to implement and extremely effective. In short, they provide incredible ROIs.

That growth has gone hand in hand with the rise of survey platforms. 6 of which we’ve listed here and are the best bet for small businesses looking to leverage the power of data to benefit their business and customers. 

Surveys hosted using these platforms are incredible for a variety of reasons.

Faster, more accurate, and much more visually engaging than traditional surveys or interviews. They can be completed anywhere, at any time and so customers are generally a lot more honest with their feedback, allowing you to gain genuine insights into improving your product or brand. 

They can also be easily analyzed which makes them a go-to for any small business looking to grow or improve its products. To put it simply, they’re so effective, there’s no reason not to use them!  

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