4 Types Of Lawyers In The US

Lawyers are professionals of the law with the credentials and experience to advise clients on legal situations they are involved in. In many cases, lawyers represent their clients in court. While the objectives of all lawyers are fairly unanimous, the type of lawyer you work with can significantly impact your case. In this article, we go over four types of lawyers in the US to become more familiar with the types of lawyers you might need in the future. 

1 A Specialized Lawyer 

By working with a specialized lawyer, you are setting yourself up for success, as your needs are specifically in the ballpark of the lawyer’s areas of strength. Some lawyers in the US may receive certification, acknowledging their specialization within multiple legal affiliations. 

While you don’t need board certification to determine that a lawyer is experienced in specific areas of law, looking for these titles can undoubtedly influence your level of trust that you’ve chosen the right lawyer for your case. 

If you are dealing with legal issues related to immigration law, working with a specialized lawyer is highly recommended. Reach out to abogados en Jacksonville for more information. 

2 Real Estate Lawyers

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant investments people can make. Naturally, involving a real estate lawyer or attorney is an integral part of the process. Hiring a lawyer specializing in real estate legalities can influence your trust in securing transactions, closing costs, and other critical finalizing aspects of the home purchasing (or selling) process. 

Your real estate lawyer will handle the paperwork and property documents so that you can better understand what you are entering into. With real estate purchases, a real estate attorney must be present during the final stages of home property transfer. Your real estate lawyer can also resolve other property disputes beyond these initial aspects, such as property lines, contracts, etc. 

3 Estate Planning Attorneys

Your estate planning attorney will help you organize your financial plans for the transfer of assets that you want to take place following your passing. Estate planning attorneys handle legal aspects of estate value, reduce tax burdens, and address the will and written requests. 

Estate planning attorneys can help you establish a will that aligns with laws in your state and local areas. Your estate planning attorney also manages trusts and power of attorney. Many people include legal representation for the management of their estate to avoid disputes among family members and third parties. 

4 Personal Injury Lawyers

While a personal injury lawyer is capable of helping victims of personal injury in general, for some areas of law, it may be more beneficial to work with a specialized lawyer. If you were injured in an accident, bitten by a domesticated animal, are a survivor of abuse, etc., a personal injury lawyer may provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to pursue your case in court. 

You’ll be informed of what to say and not to say around insurance and other figures that may try to bypass compensating for damages. In cases of domestic abuse or sexual assault, lawyers specializing in these law areas may be more effective in addressing your situation. Family lawyers may also be an essential asset to include in resolving these types of cases. 

The Bottom Line

There are many different types of lawyers in the US. In some situations, working with a specialized lawyer or attorney is the optimal choice, but in others, a lawyer’s general understanding of the law is enough. Consider the specifics of your case, and reach out to a legal representative for help.  

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