4 Tips on Launching Video Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

No matter the shape or size of your business, neglecting video marketing is something you cannot afford to do. By some estimates, video content is the leading source of engagement online, responsible for 82% of all web traffic.

With video content on your channels, you can reach wider audiences and turn those leads into lifelong customers.

Of course, marketing with videos is easier said than done. What you need are some airtight strategies to ensure high-impact, targeted content. With that in mind, here are our gold standard tips for launching video marketing strategies.

1. Post Consistently

This is one of the most important tips for marketing businesses online. You must publish regular video posts so that your content is fresh and audiences keep coming back for more.

By posting regularly, you can ensure that your brand remains an authority within your niche.

You can also boost your SEO since fresh, regularly-updated content is more likely to land you at the top of Google search results. Use a social media manager to set up a regular posting schedule across your channels.

2. Launching Video Marketing Strategies Requires Resources

Too many people make the mistake of assuming that all you need for video marketing is an iPhone. If you want your content to actually have an impact, you need to dedicate resources.

You’ll need top-notch production values, and SEO-friendly publishing framework and the expertise to create relevant, trending content.

For this, your best bet is to hire a professional video marketing service. For example, the team at sanfranciscomediagroup.com can provide you with studio space, equipment, and production specialists to take your video content to the next level entirely.

3. Provide Insightful Content

When it comes to topics for videos, the most important thing is that your content adds value to the viewer. You should consider creating informative videos that answer the kinds of questions your target audience is likely to have.

This could include how-to tutorial videos for your products or explainers on the benefits of using your products. You could also include explainers from customers themselves so that viewers feel more confident in making a purchase from you.

4. Optimize Your Videos

Finally, do not forget that the golden principles of search engine optimization (SEO) apply to video content as well. This means tagging your videos with SEO-friendly keywords and phrases.

It means using those phrases in your videos when it sounds natural.

It means ensuring that your videos are high-quality and run smoothly on your mobile website. These small steps could boost the Google ranking of your content significantly.

Level-Up Your Digital Marketing

When launching video marketing strategies, the audience should always be your first consideration.

By figuring out what they want, why they would watch, and how they would find your content, you can create videos that add lasting value for them and for you.

For more tips on how to level up your digital marketing, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our expertly-curated Digital Marketing section for expert tips and insights.

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