4 Reasons to Use Custom Hold Messages

Have you ever been put on hold? Chances are, this will trigger some phone line music that only serves to fill the waiting time with noise. 

What if you decide, instead, to record hold messages? This article will go through the benefits of making custom hold messages.

1) You Can Sell Your Products or Services

Sometimes, enhancing sales is a lot easier than you think. One of the ways this is so is when you create custom on hold messages.

When you create hold messages, you can fill people’s waiting time with more information about your products. This will increase their curiosity over what you’re selling, and make them more open to following up about potential sales when you answer the phone. 

2) Your Customer’s Mood Can Be Improved

Imagine if you are operating on a tight schedule and need to make an important call, only to be placed on hold for some time. This will likely raise tempers. As a business, you won’t be able to pitch your products to callers who are angry and already dissatisfied. 

This is how custom hold messages can help. When companies only have hold music, people are more aware of time passing by. They may also get more bored in comparison with having informational fillers while waiting for you to pick up.

These reasons will improve the mood of your callers, which will ensure a better calling experience for both parties. 

3) A Bad Phone Call Can Ruin Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important aspects of managing a business is keeping your customers happy. This is something you may jeopardize when putting a customer on hold for too long and not taking steps to make the wait more bearable. 

All it takes is one bad phone call to turn off a potential client or to prevent a customer from purchasing from you again. Your reputation is essential in supporting continuous business growth, so make sure to create hold messages that will improve a customer’s experience on the phone!

4) You Can Ensure You Don’t Miss Customers

When potential customers call, they expect you to pick up quickly. If they get bored of waiting and hang up, the chances that they will call again are very slim. This means you may be losing a lot of business by not creating enjoyable hold messages!

How Hold Messages Can Benefit You

Being placed on hold can ruin the mood of your customers. As a business, you want to reduce the chances of this happening, and you can do so by customizing hold messages.

Doing this can not only enhance people’s satisfaction but also enable you to sell products while they’re waiting. Even more so, having hold messages can prevent you from missing out on customers who chose to hang up because they got bored of waiting.

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