4 Health Issues Rising Among Teenagers And Young Adults

4 Health Issues Rising Among Teenagers And Young Adults

If you’re in your teens or your early 20s, you might not think you have much to worry about concerning your health. After all, these years are the peak of your youth, and it can seem silly to worry about falling sick or facing any health issues. However, this assumption is far from reality. Our lifestyles have changed immensely from what they used to be, and these changes can have a huge impact on our health. Whereas in many ways our lives are much easier and more streamlined than they used to be, these very changes can damage our physical and mental health.

Although everyone is at risk for these health issues, teenagers, adolescents, and young adults can be especially predisposed to suffering. Understanding the reasons behind these health issues can help you better protect yourself and pave the way for a healthier future. If you’re willing to learn more about the various health issues young adults and adolescents can face, keep reading below.


Addiction is easily one of the most pressing issues that young adults face. Drug addiction is not a new phenomenon, but it has easily become one of the most pressing ones in recent years. Various factors contribute to this, but the biggest is the increased availability of an immensely wide range of addictive substances. It isn’t just alcohol or cocaine which people now encounter – it can be crystal meth, prescription drugs, LSD, and a host of other substances.

These drugs are most commonly used by the younger populace and can predispose them to addiction. Even recreational use can soon escalate to full-blown addiction and make life incredibly challenging for young adults. Taking just one look at the statistics for addiction shows that millions of people abuse and die from drug overdoses annually. Substance abuse can break apart families and ruin an individual’s life entirely. Drug abuse can be incredibly challenging to overcome, and without professional intervention, it can be impossible to recover. However, on the plus side, as awareness rises, thousands of young adults around the country have started to seek treatment.


Obesity is the most overlooked yet most dangerous health issue young populations face today. Over the past few years, our lives have changed immensely. Technological advancements mean that while many processes are more streamlined than ever before, we lead a highly sedentary lifestyle. Additionally, our diet has changed immensely and is now full of highly processed, sugar-rich, unhealthy foods.

In combination, these two factors mean that obesity is rapidly on the rise amongst the younger populace. Teenagers and young adults now use their phones to do practically everything, be it shopping, connecting with friends, playing games, or learning. Obesity isn’t a disorder in itself but can give rise to several issues such as heart problems, diabetes, respiratory issues, bone issues, stroke, and early death. It’s vital to counter obesity by leading a healthier, fitter lifestyle. Making room for physical activity and limiting the intake of nutrient-void foods can help you live a healthier life.

Early Pregnancy

Early pregnancy and dangerous childbirth are problematic issues that adolescents and younger adults these days face. Teenage pregnancies, in particular, can be incredibly harmful, cause immense damage to the mother, and lead to babies being abandoned or coming to harm. Young girls’ bodies are often not developed enough to birth children. Likewise, they can face strong opposition from their families.

Various factors can lead to early pregnancy. However, the main factors are a lack of awareness about reproductive health and practices and limited access to contraceptives. Educating adolescents about safe sex practices and making the safest decisions for themselves can keep teens and young adults safer.

Early pregnancies are exceptionally dangerous because they can cause incredible pain and severe consequences. Unsafe abortions are responsible for up to 8% of maternal deaths. Additionally, full-term teen pregnancies can endanger the infant’s life, as the teenage mother isn’t equipped to care for a child.


Another extremely common illness in the youth is depression. Millions of American adolescents and young adults suffer from Major and Persistent Depressive Disorders throughout their lives. Individuals have a hard time coping with stress. Most of them feel a general sense of hopelessness related to their lives.

Another issue is that depression and anxiety are often comorbid. Therefore, not only is depression an issue, but anxiety rears head in millions of young adults as well. Perhaps there’s a silver lining in the fact we have become aware of the prevalence rather than letting it go unnoticed. Decades ago, we might not have even taken the idea of depression and anxiety seriously. Yet, here we are, acknowledging how far-reaching it is in the country.

Mental health movements have raised awareness about these issues and brought the hidden to the forefront. Though depression is still a real issue, let’s appreciate the time we live in and acknowledge the mental health campaigns and programs. Modern times have given us some of the most qualified counselors and clinicians. They can help young adults get over their mental illnesses and reclaim their lives.


The youth of today is, unarguably, the future of tomorrow. Therefore, ensuring the younger population has everything required to live a physically and mentally healthy life is extremely important. Under the impression that young adults and teenagers live healthy life, they often pursue unhealthy, damaging behaviors.

As a society, we need to make our surroundings better for young people. This article talked about several factors that bother the youth and what we can do to prevent problematic issues. It’s important to create a safe and secure environment for young adults. From addiction to obesity, let’s band together to ensure that these issues reduce in the coming few decades. Likewise, limiting early pregnancies and promoting mental health issues are also critical steps.

The youth stands to change the world as we know it, but before that, let’s ensure that the health issues discussed in this article don’t stand in their way. We all have a part to play in shaping future leaders.

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