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4 Customer Retention Tips That Actually Work

If you’ve come here looking for customer retention tips, we’re not surprised. After all, customer retention leads to an increase of 70% in sales to already-established customers.

You’ll see plenty of hair-brained customer retention strategies claiming to be one-size-fits-all.

There’s no perfect customer retention program that will work for everyone. We’ve got a few good places for you to start, though, so read on.

Let Your Customer Learn to Trust You

The relationship between you and your customer relies on trust at its core. Not only that, it’s part of what builds brand loyalty. If there’s anything that curries more customer retention than brand loyalty, we haven’t heard of it.

Trust isn’t an easy thing to build, though. You can make fundamental changes to the way you operate to ensure it happens. Communicate more, and ensure that you stay in contact with the customer through any issues or if you think you can fulfill more of their needs.

Put All of Your Data to Work

On fulfilling needs, you should put all of the data you’ve collected to work as soon as possible. A customer isn’t always keeping track of what deals or new products you’ve got. You need to take a proactive approach to engagement.

If you assemble all of the data of your customers’ transactions and habits, you’ll get a clear picture of what they like. You can use that information to send out emails detailing whenever something of interest to them is available.

Don’t be too heavy-handed with this strategy, as nobody likes receiving spam. In the proper doses, though, it’s perfect. Take a look at these awesome marketing emails from Stampede if you want some inspiration.

Offer Incentives for Loyalty

Nothing makes a customer feel more appreciated than rewarded for their steadfast loyalty. There are multiple ways to show your gratitude, but one of the best ones is discounts.

Coupons and special offers reserved for the customers that have given you their hard-earned cash will earn you some real favor. An added effect is that you’ll encourage others who have missed out to shop with you.

The Power of Personalization

This one is almost the super-powered combination of our three previous tips, but it deserves a segment. Personalization is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal for customer retention rate.

If your incentives, your emails, and your communication all feel personalized? Directed at each specific customer? That’s when you’re going to win hearts and minds.

More Customer Retention Tips

If some of these customer retention tips work for you, you can expect to see an increase in sales and saved money on the marketing front. Trying to increase customer retention is a long road, though, so don’t expect immediate results.

While you’re waiting to see if your customer retention rate increases, why not have a read through our blog? We’ve got articles like this that might help out even more!

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