3 Tips for Using Business Flyers

If you’re among the 32.5 million small businesses in America, you need a way to stand out. After all, you want to build a customer base and find ways to share your latest products. While establishing an online presence is critical, you don’t want to neglect good old-fashioned paper for your promotional needs. 

Curious to find out more? Stick around to learn about 3 tips for using business flyers! 

1. Design Memorable Business Cards and Flyers

In other words, focus on a clear and creative design. Use a few well-chosen words as a headline to catch someone’s attention. And ensure that the text forms a contrast against the background so that it’s legible from afar. 

Organize text so that you provide enough details without creating a wall of text. Inject some design elements and colors to make a business flyer that reflects the tone of your event or product. For instance, go with bold colors if you’re targeting teens or muted achromatic colors for urban professionals.

You can use flyer templates if you don’t want to hire a graphic designer and don’t trust your design instincts. And turn to www.hippoprint.co.uk when you need an economical way to get high-quality gloss business leaflets or business cards!

Even though flyers for business purposes are printed onto paper, you can connect them to your digital world. Be sure to include your brand name and logo. And add a link to your website and digital storefront.

If you’re active on social media, provide links to your Twitter or Instagram presence. But rather than typing in a URL for every site where you have a presence, make the process of finding your brand easier.

Include a QR code for ultimate accessibility. With QR codes, an individual can scan it with their phone and be transported to wherever you want it to link. That way, people can link to your website or Instagram page the moment they unlock their phones! 

3. Focus on Business Flyer Distribution

Once you have a snazzy stack of business flyers, you need to get the word out — fast! Business flyers are ideal for last-minute promotions or events. But you need an effective plan to reach the right audience. 

Assemble a team of individuals to hand out the flyers or take them to local businesses. Even better, ask your team to wear shirts with your company brand or logo.

And make sure that they are knowledgeable about the event in case they get questions. Your business flyer may contain vital info. But it will be more effective if the person distributing it shows some buy-in to its value!

Get Noticed with Business Flyers

Business flyers are an economical way to increase visibility for your business. Start by focusing on a design that uses composition and color to draw in viewers. Provide links to your online presence, and make sure you have a strategy to get your flyers into the right hands!

Find more great tips to keep your business flying high. Check back for new articles.

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