Promote Your Vacation Bible School

12 Ways to Promote Your Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School can bring new families to your church while ministering to the children in your ministry. It’s also fun!

Sharing and marketing your church event might feel daunting. It doesn’t have to be. Increase your VBS attendance with these 12 creative ways to promote Vacation Bible School.

1. Social Media

A key way to promote VBS is on social media gives you a landing place for different marketing strategies.

You can try:

  • Record engaging videos and post to the church page
  • Write creative promotional posts with registration links
  • Encourage leaders to share VBS posts
  • Utilize Instagram stories to promote different VBS aspects

Use multiple platforms and post on both your main church profile as well as individual profiles of leaders.

2. Direct Mail

Sending a postcard to families in the area surrounding your church is a fast way to get the word out. 

Design a card with the theme, including activities, date, time, and location. 

Work with your local post office to send an EDDM mailing (Every Door Direct Mail) to the neighborhoods you choose.

Make sure your promotional copy on the cards is engaging enough to get families interested in learning more about your event.

3. Signage

Make your promotion of VBS hard to miss! Order Vacation Bible School banners to increase awareness and traffic.

As members of the community drive by your church throughout the week, they will see essential information for your event on your signage. 

4. Flyers

Design and print flyers to hang in approved locations around town. Try using community bulletin boards and asking businesses to hang flyers for you.

5. Utilize Volunteers

Your volunteers might be your best marketers. Provide volunteers with flyers or postcards to share in their offices and with those in their neighborhood. 

After Sunday services, your volunteers spread all over town. This dispersion is a great advantage for marketing. Your message can go further if you ask your volunteers to help share the word.  

6. Web Landing Page

When promoting VBS online, make sure to have a landing page to read more and register.

Keep this page clean, simple, and easy to navigate.

7. Share During Adult Services

Leaders can request to share VBS from the main stage during adult Sunday services.

This allows sharing the event and encourages your congregation to register children before they leave for the morning.

8. Decor

In the weeks leading up to the event, add VBS decor around your kid’s ministry space. Try using balloons, banners, and even branded t-shirts to build the excitement.

9. School Partnerships

Use connections with local elementary schools to share your event. Parents can help with this by taking flyers or postcards to their children’s schools.

You can even ask to talk to students during assemblies or school functions to promote VBS. Make sure to give them postcards to take home.

10. Church Bulletin

A simple promotion for inside the church is to share the announcement in the Sunday bulletin.

Create a simple advertisement with basic VBS information and clear instructions on how registration.

11. VBS Swag

People love getting swag! If your VBS curriculum comes with this option, you can order t-shirts, pins, lanyards, and more. Use these items for giveaways or to get your church families excited.

Children can also wear or take these items to school to share with their friends.

12. Tap into Smaller Churches

Smaller churches in your area might not have the capacity to host their own VBS. Seek their partnership to share the event with their congregations.

Creating these partnerships is a benefit for both churches. You have a larger audience to share your event, and the smaller churches have an easy way of getting their children connected during the summer.

Boost Your Vacation Bible School Attendance

If you have Vacation Bible School right around the corner, promote your event and increase attendance. There are many ways to get the word out while increasing the excitement and momentum in the process!

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