Marketing is a basic tool for any type of business. Yes! It does not matter what sector your business belongs to, the size of your company, or where you are located. A good marketing strategy will always help you to better market your products or services.

The question is not whether or not you should implement a marketing strategy in your business. The question is which of the different types of marketing is the one that best suits your needs.

Don’t you know what types of marketing exist and what each of them consists of? Do not worry! Here we present the most popular ones.
Types of marketing and their characteristics

Perhaps you have ever heard of online, offline, inbound marketing, or content marketing, do all these terms sound familiar to you?

The truth is that in recent decades the world of marketing has been transforming and adapting to changes. Traditional marketing techniques, while still being applied, have moved into second place.

Today there are many types of marketing, each directed towards a specific purpose. Do you want to know the most outstanding ones?

Traditional marketing. Also known as offline marketing. It is that it has been used popularly until the digital world was introduced in our lives. This marketing uses print media, radio, and television, mainly, to publicize and sell products and services.

Digital Marketing. With the arrival of the internet, a new marketing model was born, in online marketing. This is characterized by using the internet to attract the public, promote and sell products. Within this marketing, you can see different strategies that we will see below.

Attraction marketing. The objective of this type of marketing is to attract the public to your business or website. It is very popular marketing in the digital world. It uses content marketing and other strategies to achieve its goal.

Inbound marketing. It goes one step beyond attraction marketing. This type of marketing is not satisfied with attracting people, it wants to turn them into real customers and uses different methods, strategies, and techniques for this purpose, such as personalization, email marketing, or SEO analysis.

Content Marketing. Since we have named it, we are going to explain what this type of marketing consists of. The idea is to create quality content that adds value to the public. Good content marketing not only attracts future customers but also makes them loyal.

Social media marketing. Social networks also have their own sales techniques and strategies. If you want to attract your audience and sell through networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you should know them.

Email marketing. Have you ever received advertising in your mail? Right?. This type of technique is what is known as Email marketing. Brands use this medium to promote themselves, make themselves known, and offer you their products or services, using very different formulas.

Green marketing. Also known as ecological or environmental. Within this type of marketing, we include all those strategies and techniques that promote ecological services or products, that care for and protect the environment.

Corporate Marketing. The objective of this marketing is to improve relations between workers, collaborators, or suppliers and the company. Or what is the same, build loyalty to yours so that they are more productive and effective.

Influence marketing. Undoubtedly one of the ones that have grown the most in recent times. It consists of using the “influencers”, those people valued in the network, so that they are the ones who advise your services or products.
Geomarketing. Geomarketing studies the market of a certain geographical area to analyze its forms of consumption, its tastes, and its needs.

Neuromarketing. Science and marketing come together to design new formulas that encourage consumption. Neuromarketing is increasingly used by companies as it allows you to know better the mind of the consumer.

Did you know these types of marketing gs? Now is the time to select those that best suit your needs and start putting them into practice. What are you waiting for?

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