12 Online Business Ideas To Start Entrepreneurship This Year

If you’re thinking about entrepreneurship, it’s good online business ideas you need.

Some of them are probably the best option for first-time entrepreneurs.

This is easy to conclude because these are possibilities that offer the advantage of requiring little investment and having less overhead than a traditional business.

A small company with only physical headquarters and limited resources to invest in is rarely able to expand its operations beyond the city, region, or state where it is established.

With a digital business, it is totally different.

You can easily target your audience on a global level and increase your chances of selling more.

To help you get started, let’s present 12 online business ideas that you can start from scratch right now.

1. Virtual stores (e-commerces)

One of the best ways to make money from online businesses is by creating an online store or e-commerce.

Many companies in different segments do not have an active digital presence or have outdated websites, which delivers you space to take advantage of these deficiencies and offer a much more reliable service.

But by having a well-constructed strategic plan and executing the right marketing techniques, you can turn your online store into something extremely profitable.

start your e-commerce, the first step is to get a profitable market and define your target viewers well.

Next, you need to invest in creating a website with an attractive and responsive design – after all, people buy more and more on their mobile phones.

Create good product descriptions by applying SEO techniques for search engine optimization

Create a FAQ session with frequently asked questions

Invest in digital certification and privacy policies

Choose payment methods

Define the logistics for product delivery

Promote your products on other channels (blogs, social networks, etc.)

Invest in remarketing.

2. Blog or specialized website

If you have the experience, passion, or interest in a subject, you are ready to start making money from a specialized niche blog or website – if you know how to monetize it, of course.

In addition, you have the comfort of being able to work from home.

You can start your blog with minimal investment, but you must be willing to put extra effort into writing quality articles, learning and implementing SEO, and doing content marketing.

In addition, keep in mind that written posts are just the beginning.

Photos, videos, and links to other sites forwarding news and other articles … everything is valid, as long as it relates to your niche, of course.

Remember that, regardless of the target market, you need to create content consistently.

It also needs to be content that teaches, informs, or entertains people.

In other words, you need to capture the audience’s interest in some way.

With genuine content being produced and published constantly, you can make money from blogging in the following ways:

Affiliate marketing, in which you earn a commission promoting your company’s products or services to your readers

While all of the above methods can bring in good profits, one of the main reasons that many novice bloggers fail to make money is because they end up choosing the wrong monetization method.

Therefore, focus on the strategy best suited to your market niche.

3. Produce content for companies

If you have a natural inclination and passion for writing, producing content for companies can be a way to make money online.

Working as a freelance writer, creating blog articles, product descriptions, or any other type of material, is a great way to achieve financial independence since you can work remotely and have more control of your routine.

To start building your client base, you can register on freelance sites and build your authority and credibility as a copywriter.

You can make sporadic texts or even sign a project that includes a package with several articles with the companies you serve.

4. YouTube video channel

If you like the idea of ​​being behind the camera, now is the time to enjoy it, make a YouTube channel and make money producing videos.

There are approximately 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube each minute and about one billion hours watched per day.

Not by chance, videos are an excellent strategy for you to create useful and valuable content for your audience.

Speaking of earning money, we can’t help but highlight the chance to generate ad revenue.

To do this, you need to enable monetization in your YouTube settings.

This basically gives Google permission to include small AdSense ads in your videos – those that usually appear before the video starts.

In that case, when viewers click on the ad, you get paid.

And there’s more.

Another opportunity to earn money from a YouTube channel is through paid sponsorships.

To do this, you need to build a sufficient base of followers for companies to decide to pay to promote or mention products and services in their videos.

You can start with your smartphone or a simple video camera.

But be very careful with aspects like lighting and audio.

In addition, use simple editing software to change, insert, and modify elements. 

To extend the reach of your videos, be sure to post them on social media, your blog, and other channels.

5. Infoproducts

You do not necessarily need to sell physical products to have an online business.

In fact, info products – digital information that can be traded – are one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money on the internet.

There are several ways to create this content, but the most popular info product formats include:

Audio: an interview, course,

Video: recorded webinars, tutorial videos, and interviews

Text: e-books, instruction manuals, travel guides, etc.

Regardless of the category, the important thing is that the content is interesting and useful for your target audience.

In addition, info products end up being a passive recipe, that is, you earn money while “sleeping”.

After all, when putting a product up for sale on your website, anyone can buy and download it at any time of the day or night.

However, be sure to monitor sales periodically to see which topics or types of products are doing best.

This allows us to qualify the strategy to create new info products and sell more.

6. Create and sell applications

The digital medium is really full of opportunities.

Want to know one more?

Mobile applications are becoming more and more popular and many of them are very useful in our daily lives.

So if you have an idea for an interesting, useful, or fun app, this could be the way to go.

If you already have some coding knowledge, even better, as it helps a lot.

But you can also contact a software developer and establish a partnership.

Many of them want to collaborate with people or companies in creating applications.

Just don’t forget to have a well-designed project, as the application market is close to saturation.

Make sure to validate your app’s idea and do your research before investing money.

7. Sell photos

Selling photos on the internet can be more profitable than you think.

So, if you have good skills as a photographer, it’s time to turn your camera into a golden goose.

Obviously, to start this type of business, you need to invest in a camera that takes quality photos.

If you have little knowledge in photography, it is interesting to invest in courses that give you a basis on how to photograph.

With your portfolio in hand, you can register with one or more image banks, such as Shutterstock or stock photos, and market your images on these platforms.

You win as your photos are chosen by users to download.

8. Make money by playing

Amazingly, earning money by playing is also a type of online business that you can start with very little investment and be quite profitable.

In this case, it is worth remembering that you win for your actions as a player.

It is possible to test games for errors, record tutorial videos, and publish on YouTube or even sell characters and items that you have developed within the game.

Regarding this last resort, it is important to check the rules and regulations of the game regarding sales before placing prices on items or characters.

9. Sell on marketplaces

Marketplaces are like a kind of “digital shopping”, where you can find products from different advertisers.

A positive point of these platforms is that they usually have a lot of traffic, which increases the chances of the product or service being found by the ideal customers.

Among the main marketplaces operating in Brazil, we can highlight Mercado Livre, Walmart, Amazon, Netshoes, Estante Virtual, Elo7, Americanas, and Magazine Luiza, among others.

In some of them, like Mercado Livre, you only need to create an account and start selling after sending photos and other details about the product along with the price.

Others may be more selective about associate salespeople.

The rules are mainly aimed at preventing fraud and harming the consumer.

10. Participate in affiliate programs

Affiliate means promoting someone else’s product or company and earning a commission on top of that.

To begin with, you choose a profitable niche for your online business and then find an affiliate partner that has products available in that niche.

So, you promote products for sale on your blog or e-commerce through links, banners, social media publications, and wherever else you want.

Each product has a unique link that tracks your account with the affiliate partner.

When a user clicks on the link, is redirected to the product page, and makes the purchase, you receive a commission.

Among them, you can find practically any type of info product (such as e-books, audio files, and videos) and even physical products.

One positive point of this type of business is that virtually no investment is needed.

You don’t have to think about the logistics of shipping products, dealing with customer questions, or stocking products.

11. Offer online consulting

If you have a lot of knowledge and extensive experience in a specific field, then you can have what it takes to make money doing online consulting.

As a consultant, you simply must apply your skills and experience to help clients solve any problems they have in their field of expertise.

It is worth remembering that, in addition to knowledge, it is also necessary to have good interpersonal relationships, use sales techniques, and plan solid personal marketing.

All of this aims to make the client see value in his consultancy.

A good example of this type of online business is a digital marketing consultancy, in which the professional applies his knowledge in Adwords, Analytics, SEO, social networks, and sponsored links, among others, to boost the client’s business on the web.

12. Online courses

Basically, you monetize your knowledge, make it available, and teach your skills to others over the internet.

Courses can be about any topic, as long as you have something to teach, that people find it useful and want to learn.

You can monetize the product in two ways: sell it yourself or through an affiliate program.

Selling online courses on your blog or website lowers the cost of paying commissions to third parties and you still have the possibility to offer classes at a lower price.

To make conversion easier, make sure your landing pages are attractive enough to convince visitors to buy your course.

Now, if you don’t already have an audience, it may be better to promote your product through partners in affiliate programs.

That way, you get a greater reach, validate the idea of ​​your course, and increase your email list to be able to work better with your customers later.

Create landing pages to capture leads with Klickpages

There is something in common between online business ideas.

We are talking about the challenge of talking to your audience, getting noticed, and arousing interest in what you offer.

It is not exactly easy, but with a good marketing strategy, you are closer to the desired result.

In the digital environment, everything becomes simpler when capturing leads, which are potential customers.

You can do this on your website, blog, or on social networks.

As you talk to the public in articles or when presenting promotions, don’t miss the chance to get your contact and then promote more targeted approaches.

Check out the three steps to create your own:

Choose the model: discover the high conversion options proven through tests.

Customize the page: after choosing, edit the texts, colors, and images, in addition to hiding elements that add little.

Publish: in the end, just publish on your domain, without additional hosting costs.


Online business ideas

As we saw in this article, there is no shortage of good online business ideas to make money and, who knows, build a new successful career.

The opportunities are many and it is difficult not to find one that fits your profile.

But the attractiveness of this market also increases competition.

So there is no point in taking chances without planning.

So stay tuned for trends and consider what people are discussing on social media.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to restrict yourself to just one of these online business ideas.

You can start with a project and add new revenue streams as much as possible.

For example, starting with a blog and, over time, start to produce info products and teach online courses.

It will depend on your creativity and skill.

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