10 Debatable Ideas To Start Your Career From Home

10 Debatable Ideas To Start Your Career From Home

A few words to start… Imagine… developing your activity from the comfort of home, being your own boss, managing your time at ease to attend to routine household tasks, or enjoying more time in recreational activities with your family.

But it’s not just about imagination, you can make this dream a reality: running your business from home!

Although it is true that you will be your own boss, you will also be the only one responsible for the company. It implies being willing to work long hours (especially in the beginning), which requires great self-discipline and self-motivation.

Carry out a thorough evaluation of this type of work. Having made this clarification, if you are determined to undertake enjoying the advantages of doing it from home, I propose 10 ideas so that today! start your career from home.

1.What Do I Do? Find Your Business Idea

If you don’t have an idea or are confused about what business you can start, look it up! Business ideas appear anywhere and in any form. Be attentive and open to new ideas.

Read electronic newsletters, visit related websites, attend conferences and fairs, read magazines, request advice from associations for entrepreneurs, approach professional associations, etc. Search and find your idea!

2.What Do I Choose? A Feeling, A Passion!

Remember that building your business from home will require great self-motivation. Therefore, choose the idea that represents a passion in your life.

If you start a business that you are really passionate about, you will be more motivated to extend your work hours, if necessary; it will be easier for you to find creative solutions to the difficulties that arise; and you will persevere until you reach your goals.

What activity would get you to the finish line?

3.Research, Put Your Idea To The Test

Take your idea and put it to the test. Ask yourself: who is your product or service aimed at? 

What needs does it satisfy? Are there other equal ones on the market? How will my proposal differ? Are there other similar ones? What will its value be? How will I sell it? How will I make it known?

In a word: if it’s a completely new product or service, why would people want to try it? If it is something already known, why would people want to choose your proposal?

Test your product with a group of friends or potential customers. Make them your proposal, offer them a sample of the product or service, and reveal their opinions. Test your idea!

4.Where? The Space To Work

If possible, use a fully available room to set up your office. Find a space that allows you to separate your work activity from your family. You do not want to be invaded, but neither will the other members of the family like that you invade them with your company. Give your business the place it deserves!

A space alternative: condition a corner or part of a room, as long as it allows you to maintain privacy during the work day.

The key to choosing the workspace: is privacy to concentrate on production. Respect your space!

5.Where? Meeting With Customers

If you will receive clients at home, consider having an appropriate room for this: a separate space, in which to talk with your client, and demonstrate your products or services, without being interrupted.

The ideal: a room that can be accessed directly without going through the rest of the rooms. An alternative: there are associations (perhaps one to which you belong by profession) that offer meeting rooms to their members.

Another alternative: meet at the client’s office, which will be very convenient for him/her in most cases. Evaluate the best option for the situation!

6.What Do I Need? The Team To Work

A computer with an Internet connection is a great ally for the entrepreneur from home. From your PC you will be able to save all your company information, design the necessary documents and presentations, manage the customer database, communicate with them via email, promote your business, keep yourself updated, etc.

A printer and a copier are part of the useful equipment. As for telephone communications, it is recommended to have a separate line from the private line and an answering machine.

An alternative: if you have only one phone line, use a mobile phone where the customer can always find you.

7.What Do I Need? Your Company’s Materials

Before going out into the arena, prepare your company material, for example, business cards, presentation folder, catalog, brochures, product or service samples, invoices, personal stamps, stationery, envelopes, labels, diskettes, CDs; other office supplies, and those specific to your work. Add yourself to this list!

8.How Do I Organize? Each Thing In Its Place

Apart from the virtual files, place the rest of the folders, organizers, agendas, or publications of interest to your business on a shelf or library near your desk. Concentrate on the things of the company in one place!

9.How Do I Manage The Working Day? The Schedule

Build your own work schedule.

It is important that you define:

.a) how many hours are you going to dedicate to your business,

.b) what will be your working hours and

.c) what will be the rest hours?

Although the most common thing is to deal with what is “urgent” and not what is “important”, in order to work productively from home, it is a prerequisite to spend time putting together: a monthly schedule, a weekly schedule, and a daily schedule. This time is an excellent investment because when we work we know what goal we are aiming for with that task. Set up your schedule and stick to it!

10.How Do I Manage The Day? Boundaries

Share with your family your idea of ​​starting a career from home. Let them know what the company will consist of, why you will manage it under this modality, and what it means for you to start the business.

Once your office has been conditioned, you should continue “working” with them: defining your space and your work schedule (especially with the boys), explaining to them that you need their collaboration, and emphasizing the concept that you are at home but working.


Today is the time to start! There are hundreds of ideas out there waiting to be turned into a reality: your business from home. What have you decided? If you’re going to race from home, congratulations!

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